Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jan 8th

Look at me slacking already lol. Its been a very good week overall. I'm more peaceful, calm and simply enjoying where I am in my life. School started yesterday and I'm so excited. Heehee, I'm such an overachiever and nerd it ain't even funny. Its been interesting and I've wondered how I'd spend my days once my season of homeschooling was over. Now I know and its totally awesome.

This semester I'm taking the following:
Computer Concepts ~ 1st 8wks course ~ one I can teach in my sleep lol
Physical Science ~ 2nd 8wks course
French 1
Fundamentals of Music ~ my fun class
Voice Lessons
College Algebra

Purchased my books and spent a whooping $400 but its good, Uncle Sam paid for it..thanks big guy. I'm looking forward to this semester, gearing up for the transfer to OSU. Starting to give thought to where I want to teach when I'm done. East coast is calling me but I'm thinking west coast because I've never been and it would be an adventure. We shall see and whatever the future holds, I know that I'll enjoy every single moment of it.

On the knitting OSU scarf is not moving along at all. Its an easy pattern I've done several times but the author is right it doesn't go very fast on large needles lol. I just need to sit down and watch a movie or listen to a book so I can get 'er done ;). Need to pick a project for sock yarn kal and need to finish socks for my friend in NYC. I like being busy and I like having things to do w/my hands and mind. I'm thinking 2011 is going to be an excellent year for me.

Have an awesome day! ;)

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