Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~ New day + New Season = New Me ~

Life has been full of numerous changes since April. I finished the last semester not so great but I'm not complaining for I did finish. I took a trip to my hometown, Richmond, for a much needed summer vacation however, I'm still here. After spending the summer visiting and exploring, I was given the responsibility of guardianship for my grandma. In the process, it required that I spend a large amount of time taking care of paperwork and other matters. She is finally in a better situation though there is still more to be done and now I've been given the privilege of being my grandpa's guardian. I now live w/him and will be taking care of his matters to ensure he is getting the assistance he needs. If anyone had told me that I would not be sitting in NY, working on my degree and enjoying city life this fall, I would have called them a liar.

One thing this season is teaching is how to completely rely on my Lord. I've been unemployed since May and have not been successful in obtaining a position that works for my new lifestyle. I did manage to get a part time job but it was inconvenient due to the hour commute. However, I'm not moved and I'm resting in the fact that God is in control. I've been able to spend a considerable amount of time at my home church which has blessed me more than I can truly express. Seeing, being surrounded and encouraged by so many I've known most of my adult life has truly been a blessing. I miss my children especially my grandson, however, I know that this is all temporary and maybe one day I'll get to NY for school or just a vacation. For now I'm learning to enjoy where I am, be who I am for this season and allow it to develop my character.

On the knitting front ~ I've not been very active at all. I'm still working on the same pair of ankle socks that I started 7 months ago. Can't seem to get motivated on them. However, grandpa and I checked out a lys here in Richmond and I got him some Rowan Tweed for a beanie and some sock yarn for my grandson. The beanie is for grandpa and he is excited. I'll post pics later today of the yarn and link the pattern I'm planning to use. Now must return to the kitchen and make some tuna salad. 

Have an awesome day all!

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