Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Its a wintry wonderland here in RVA.  I'm excited for the land has been given the icy rest it needs to kill off bacteria, germs and other unwanted pesky things.  Now it can properly prepare for the coming season.

I thoroughly enjoy this time of year because I too am allowed a rest from being on the go.  I take the time to relax, reflect and simply enjoy each moment slowly.  Just like this morning, I took time and care to get ready for work.  No rushing, no hurry, just simply taking slower steps and being conscious of my surroundings as I prepared for my day.  I admit that I have been truly spoiled the past 15 years or so with not having to get up early or leave home at all on inclement weather days.  However, I did learn to appreciate taking things slow so I enjoy the process and change that has occurred.

When I get off work, I plan to leisurely return home ~ to avoid having an accident as well as just take my time, then make some hash browns, bacon and drop biscuits.  Love comfort food.  After eating and cleaning up, I shall simply rest, ponder and knit.

Have an awesome day all!

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