Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Beginnings ~ bitter sweet!

I've safely arrived in 2014...yeah, that's the only way I know how to put it without being too sarcastic.  I am still not where I had hoped to be, however, I am grateful I am no longer in a completely unhappy situation.

As I embark on another phrase of this new season, I have found myself reflecting on the past.  This year marks the 4th of no homeschooling and the 3rd of no homesteading.  Doesn't sound like a longtime but it truly is when that was all you knew.  I am moving into my new abode next week and looking forward to doing a downside version of my homesteading especially since its only me!  Single life is definitely an adjustment.  Being divorced is wonderful just can be lonesome in the winter and the empty nest, well let's just say I miss my kids because they are 1200 miles away.

So in preparation of embracing and celebrating the changes in 2014, I've decided to pickup writing again.  I even completed a poem today...yay! Since I work full-time out of the home, I will need to make some adjustments that incorporate being gone and I am looking forward to implementing some of the beloved Amish ideas again.

Time to get back to work. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

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