Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Good Morning. Its cold here on the east coast, however, it is not as cold where I am as some places. Thank you Lord. I've been continually reminding myself that it could be colder, it could be worse so just embrace where you are and celebrate.

Today I will be working on my weekly schedule  then I have a base for my daily routines.  Need to establish routines so that I can accomplish more as well as spend time simply being. Once the weekly schedule is outlined it will allow me the freedom to decide just how I want to incorporate old and new ideas. Definitely must include weekly knitting and reading for they keep me sane. Who knew that even without having a full house of people to manage, you still need to have routines and plans in place.

On the knitting front, I've recently completed a hat and mini mitts set for a little girl, a team colored scarf for my boss and have a pair of Angry Bird socks OTNs.  Next up is a couple quick headbands and a hat for a co-worker.

Time to get the work done.  Have an awesome day!

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