Friday, March 02, 2007

Its the Weekend!

Well, I’m ready but I’m more ready for what today will bring. I am planning on visiting a couple LYS in person and online. I may purchase a skein or two but really I need to get some more needles. I’m may just head on over to Walmart and pickup some trusty aluminum. However, Sk8rChick now only likes bamboo after buying that awesome set of dpn’s. Oh the joy of finding something you like. ;D I may get her pair in 7s but she really wants this beautiful yarn and her guitar strings. Decisions, decisions ~ she’ll have til about 9p tonight to decide or else I’ll have to decide for her. I’m not sure if buying yarn for my dc and secret pal will count as a strike for me so I’ll use my today to purchase some for them if not myself that way I’ll not get a strike. I don’t want one, I’m enjoying coming up with ideas to use what I currently have on hand. It amazes me how I managed to stock up on yarn. I usually buy just enough for a project I’ve decided on, finish it and thats that. There may be some leftover but one of the dc usually grabbed that. So when we found all this yarn in our house, and there is more ~ I realized that I had 2 of some balls but can’t find them at the moment, I wasn’t to incline to go out and buy anymore. I love the beautiful colors and textures I have now been exposed to but not enough to risk a strike, mess up my budget or to create more stash to figure out how to get rid of. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while. I did need some skeins of current colors to finish up projects but have since found they are no longer available. So these remnants will work great with the ripple along blanket I’m doing.

Off to plan my day. Talk w/you later.

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