Monday, March 26, 2007

Knitting along...

Haven't said much in a week, but progress has been made. I have finished my first SAL goal ~ Yeah! Though I earned a strike at the end ~ boo ;( However, it was well earned. ;D

I will upload pics as soon as we can get the camera working or I buy a new one, which I think might be the best option. The CAS Seaman scarf that I was doing is done but it doesn't look quite right. I am hoping that when I upload the pic some of you more experienced knitters can help me out, then I can make a new one. I also finished the red/silver scarf which I named the skein of yarn from hell. LOL

I've started a child's sweater using some of my daughter's stash ~ its Red Heart Sherbet we got on clearance. Oh speaking of clearance, the items that earned me a strike were all clearance items. I picked up several skeins for my dc and secret pal but couldn't resist getting some of it for myself. Namely ~ Lion Brand Wool Ease for $.73 to $1.78, totally a bargain. Some of it will make socks, some will make scarfs and I will be able to pickup more of one to make a sweater or shawl. Not sure which yet but the most I spent for one skein on clearance was $1.78 and the least was $.47 ~ Red Heart, TLC, Caron and Lion Brand. Now tell me, would you have passed up this deal?! It was fun and my dh tried to help me out. He offered to purchase 2 skeins of the LB Wool Ease so that I wouldn't get a strike but I wanted all 7 skein. Oh well, he tried but I said "it was just to good of a deal to pass up." I wrote more here. I will be starting a new SAL goal soon, once I decide which option to do next.

The past week has been very busy around my house. My dd's have been teaching the neighborhood children how to knit and I think have started a little knitting group of their own. I went to my fav LYS and the owner showed me how to use a swift and winder ~ totally cool. I was thinking about getting one but I think it would be more fun to visit w/her and use hers. ;D I ordered my subscription to Interweave Knits and joined several kals too, including one for IK. I've fallen in love w/Debbie Bliss' work and hope to acquire a couple of her books. I picked up over 30 books from the library but am lovin' learning the patterns in DB's books. I've confirmed that I love making baby things more than anything. I may occasionally branch out to other things ~ especially my dishclothes but baby things call my heart and they are quick too.

Well, I'll leave you with some thoughts I found in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, p17. I am enjoying reading this one too. I'll type up a list of the books I have reviewed later in the week. Have an awesome day!

~ Great things you will do ~
knit far into the night
wake up and start knitting before you've had any coffee
buy more yarn before you have finished your first project
buy a pattern book
Google "yarn"
finish something and feel like you've reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.
~ I agree with each and every one of them because I've done it. ;D

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