Friday, March 30, 2007

Knitting Dilemma

Now that I have finished my first SAL, I'd like to begin a new one but I have a bit of a dilemma. It all started yesterday when I found the Webs site. They have lovely yarns on closeout and I can't make up my mind which ones I'd like. Well, maybe this really began back when I received my email from Elann with their sales yarn. Hmm, or it could have started with the KnitPicks one. Either way, my dilemma is this ~ I don't know how much yarn to buy. I have a little moola that I can spend on yarn but I don't know what to buy. I have picked various textures ~ no problem; I've selected various colors ~ no problem; but I can't seem to get the quantity down. I do realize that if I want to make Tuscanny from No Sheep for You ~ it will require about 3-6 skeins (depending on which yarn I get).

You see, I've recently learned that I enjoy making things for babies and I think in terms of what I could make for one. If I don't think specific project for a baby then I just purchase yarn to make requested items for family and friends. I've never actually made anything for myself other than a scarf. Now this should be an easy dilemma to solve, right?! Especially since I am in a few KALs but its not. I am a little intimidated by some of the projects, you know I'm new to all this and the other thing is "do I really want to make that" syndrome has been sharing space in my head.

Ok, so if you have any suggestions for me, I am totally open. I've at least managed to figure out that I should buy each skein in quantities of two, that way I can either make a scarf, a hat or socks. Maybe not much else but it won't go to waste. Also if its wool or acrylic ~ I can make dish and wash clothes or even something for a baby. LOL

So, suggestions please. Btw, which stitch markers do you like best? I don't have any of these.

Have a great day!

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