Sunday, April 01, 2007

~SP10 Contest #1~

Please post (on your blog) about your favorite yarn and your least favorite yarn (if you have one!) What have you made with it? Tell us about your experiences!

Until recently, my favorite yarn was Caron's Simply Soft. I loved the feel of the yarn. Its texture and easy of use. I made lots of baby afghans and blankets with this yarn in white, blue, yellow and I used it mostly to make a baby size version of the "Victorian Lace Blanket" by Leisure Arts.

This blanket requires something very soft to make the scalloped edges and ribbon is added. CSS made making this blanket a pleasure and shorten the time necessary to make it. Each time I've made one, it has taken less time since I knew the yarn so well. It will probably always be my first choice for baby items especially when price is an issue.

I'm finishing off a white one now and have used my scraps to knit up different stitch squares. The softness has made the task of learning new stitches very pleasing.

Regarding a least favorite yarn, I would probably say "fun fur". Not that I don't like it and I will be using it for making gifts but I don't like how slippery some of it is or the fact that my stitches get lost and its difficult to determine your stitch counts. Now my oldest dd figured it out but I've not tried her method nor have I tried making scarves which is what she whips up with them in about a hour. Hmm, maybe one day I will but for now, I'll continue to learn about new yarns, sample yarns and develop new favs like my recent pick:
"Debbie Bliss Cashmerino"

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