Monday, April 09, 2007

What a week....

Its been quiet around here but lots of knitting happening. I've not had much to say, just enjoying the relaxation of making things with my hands. I've recently started knitting and watching videos. Well, its a lot of fun if you've already seen the movie. I had to frog my dishcloth twice while watching a movie I've never seen and then I tried to make my warm wristlets while watching The Joy Luck Club, which should have been easy since it was simply garter stitch but it didn't work out like that but I don't have to frog it. Thank goodness.

On the yarn front, I've been buying yarn to increase our options while I have a bit of moola. I've ordered some lovely yarn from ebay, picked up some from the LYS and several local stores. One of the stores is having a closing sale ~ yarn was 40% off, it was Lion Brand ;D and I managed to snag a sewing machine for $90. I've needed a new one for quite sometime and didn't have the heart to buy one but I couldn't pass up this great deal. My family actually helped to make the decision since they have mentioned they miss the things I use to make for them. I thought of several things that I could make instead of buying ~ skorts, capris, shorts, tank tops, etc. Its been a almost 5yrs since I've sewn anything and it will be nice to make some curtains and things for the home too. I've listed below some shop pics of the yarn I purchased on ebay and I'll try to take pics of the stuff I got locally.

Before I go ~ here is a pic of what my SP sent me too. Isn't she a doll, they are soo cool and I actually had been thinking about buying these for myself. (sorry this is blurred ~ my camera isn't working right) ~ 2 stitch markers, a button and a magnet.
Have an awesome week!

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