Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More swap goodies....

I received a package from Finland today. It was for the chapstick/lip balm swap. I love strawberries and this one has a Lip Smackers strawberry in it. I also received a mixed fruit one by Casuelle ~ it melted but its fine. ;D

Thx so much Saalis ~ you are awesome. I absolutely love the postcard. Me and the pooch have a lot in common b/c I've been thinking alot about ice cream lately. ;D

Its been a great but tiring day and I've managed to finish off another dishcloth. I will start a new one for a KAL project ~ this one is for me ;D I am also looking thru Loop D Loop Crochet and Knitting ~ I love both these books and I've picked several things I'd love to work on. I've decided to work on a couple of projects for the fair and will need to concentrate on that. So when I send off the last swap package in 2 weeks ~ I'll be chillin' from that fun sport. There are plans to return to the swap scene sometime in Sept/Oct when the SP11 starts and the prayer shawl swap begin. But for now, its going to be restock, re-group and relax because my days are going to get really long in about 2 short weeks. More on that later.

Have a great evening!

~ at the homestead ~
Dinner ~ grilled chicken, green beans and rosemary herb french bread
Sounds ~ classical music
Thoughts ~ need more sleep and who ate all the ice cream ;D
Plans ~ dinner for tomorrow, sleep and more knitting

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Robin said...

Nice swap goodies - you're in a lot of these exchanges!! Which designs are you liking in the Loop d Loop books??