Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Project Plans

I finished up a couple more washcloths including the knitted windowpane in blue & white. I will post pics tomorrow. I've been thinking, ooohing and aaahing over the Loop D Loop books. Oh there is so many different things I'd love to make but my favorite is this:

Cabled Riding Jacket ~ isn't it gorgeous.

So besides wanting to make this lovely, here are my wishlist items:

LDL Knitting
Corrugated asymmetrical v-neck ~ child size first
Irregular rib raglan with toggle
Fair Isle Hooded Capelet
Child's Geek Spiral Pullover

LDL Crochet
Knotwork Socks
Girl's Bolero
Medallion Hat
Marguerite Jacket
*really like but don't want to make one ~ Lazy Wheels Coat

I think my first project will be the Knotwork Socks. They will be challenging yet its crochet so I will be able to do them fairly quickly. ;D I will be going thru my stash to see if there is anything available for these projects before buying any yarn. I think I will buy some though, at least for the Cabled Riding Jacket ~ I'd like it is a rich chocolate color ~ and the socks. Off to research the cost of lace weight yarn ~ this I don't have in stash. LOL

Have a great evening!

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Robin said...

I love the Riding Jacket too and am thinking of buying some yarn for it this weekend!