Saturday, September 01, 2007

They're done....

Here they are ~ my 2nd pair of Not Pedestrian Peds. I love this pattern and I am very grateful to StitchnSnitch for this pattern. It has been a pleasure ~ very relaxing I might add too ~ to knit these up. I'm off to make another this time in a solid color though I managed to get pattern to lined up on both sock ~ cool huh?!

Finishing these off also was the end of the August KnK over at stashalong. I'm pleased that I managed to use up 7.75 skeins of yarn. I even gifted 1 skein of cotton w/needles to a newbie. That was fun. I think I need to dig through the stash and find some more karma ~ send it over to good yarn karma for sure. Here is a pic of what was left from all that knitting ~ pardon the pic new camera is needed. ;D

My color play vest ~ I'm knitting the back now finished right front yesterday. Working the first set of color. I believe that it will be done by Monday but not sure since I'm scheduled to work on Sunday, we'll see. Off to knit, watch OETA Movie club and eat chocolate. ;D


Kat said...

LOVE the peds! They look fabulous.

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

They look great! ;)