Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its official....

I believe I've figured out whats worse than not receiving a package in a swap ~ the non-arrival of packages you've sent. I'm very frustrated at this moment because of the disappearance of swap packages. I've never had an issue, I've never had a delivery issue ~ they've all been delivered, and I never would have thought it possible to lose more than 1. I now have 4 MIA packages and thats to the tune of about $150 not including the priority postage. I don't like losing money and this is lost money. I just recently found out about 2 of these lost packages which happens to have been ones I was sending out for my dd ~ Sk8Chick. Its not fair nor is it a good feeling because the person who was to receive this package now thinks you don't care, didn't send and flaked which is not true. I'd like to know how these packages get lost ~ you see, I sent out 2 packages on the same day and 1 arrived and the other didn't. It didn't even come back so where is it? Well, I could rant and rave all night because it even happened at my store ~ a package was picked up on the 18th and didn't arrive to its designation. After various phone calls, it arrived at our store yesterday with a note "Incorrect Zip code." Now go figure ~ you'd think someone would have called the sending party and said "hey, your package isn't going anywhere since its got the wrong zip code" or at least returned it. Yeah, I know ~ they returned it over 30 days later ~ it was a Christmas present.

Ugh ~ I'm tired and this just makes me mad and more tired. I love swaps, absolutely but I may have to reconsider whether I do anymore after the SI2Me2 swap. Its a lot of work, effort and time spent finding the right stuff, wrapping it and then sending it off ~ for it not to arrive. On top of that ~ the recipient feels left out of the fun. I've resent 2 of these packages and since I just found out about the other 2 ~ I'll have to figure out what to do about them especially since they were Sk8Chick's for her 2 swaps. It will workout, I'm sure and I will no longer do swaps during the holidays just to keep it simple.

Stepping down off my soapbox....;P
I've received some wonderful swap packages and I don't want anyone to be slighted on my account or the USPS. So if you were to receive a swap package from me and haven't gotten it, please email me. I am truly sorry for the delay and will fix it asap.

I'm off to do some knitting ~ my CPH is coming along nicely and dh's 2nd sock almost done. More on my other WIPs later ~ dh has returned w/my books from the library. ;D 2 are knitting books and the others are mysteries. Good nite!

~ at the homestead ~
smells ~ banana nut creme coffee/creamy chicken n noodles
sounds ~ audiobook ~ The Last Camel Died at Noon
doing ~ ranting/reading/knitting ;)
planning ~ to go to bed early

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Knitting Mama said...

That sucks about the Post Office. They really have been lacking lately in their services, I hear ya!