Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~ Warriors Update ~

The warriors are doing well, school is progressing slowly but we are almost back on track. I'm tweaking our schedule to get us in full gear but I can't seem to get myself into gear. heehee. Oh well ~ at least we accomplish what we set out to do each day and thats all that counts.
Here is our tentative daily schedule:

9a ~ Bible Study/History
9:30a ~ Math
10a ~ History
10:30a ~ Composition
11a ~ Break
11:15 ~ Copywork
11:30 ~ Science
12p ~ PE
12:30p ~ Lunch
1p ~ Music/Art
1:30p ~ English/Reading
2p ~ Chores

We will have tea times again but that will not start til the first full week in Feb. They will be volunteering on Fridays, so this schedule will be for Mon-Thur. We will have our poetry, shakespeare and handicrafts on Friday afternoons. I'll do a booklist after I finalize their literature selections. All in all, we are moving along well and planning is a breeze.

til next time ~ in the life & times of the Excelsior Warriors!

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