Sunday, January 20, 2008


What now ya'll?! The NY Giants are goin' to the Superbowl ~ woohoo! I'm totally hyped and can't wait for Superbowl 42. I'm may just miss the lys superbowl knit it. ;D

Congrats! Giants ~ you guys are awesome.
~ now back to our regularly scheduled discussion. heehee

things are well around here. I've been MIA working on dh's sock, school lessons and getting some rest. I watched Masterpiece Theatre's "Northanger Abbey" and wasn't impressed. I enjoyed some of the program but the ending was a disappointment again. Well, guess that says alot for culture regarding what they think people want to see as oppose to what would really have happened during that time period. Sad really, because it gives a very wrong impression to those who don't know and haven't been exposed other than by these types of films.

Work was a short day and I will be at work tomorrow. I have used my free day for stash enhancement and now looking for a suitable project for 5 skeins. I've already assigned the remaining 15 skeins to projects and will be casting on w/i the next 2 wks, so more to come on those things. I also ordered the needed yarn for my SI2M2 pal, so that will be OTNs next week. Yeah! I need to pick up needles for my CPH and my lace project ~ my yarn is slippery for the SOTSii and I only have metal needles in the size I need. Aurora is still on hold pending purchase of the remaining yarn needed so I'll update on that next week too.

Off to finish reading my CMSeries assignment. We are working on Volume 6 ~ last week's study pages were in the Introduction p1-15 and I just finished them and will be reading p16-21 for next week's. I need to post some thoughts and discussion questions. It will be very enlightening if everyone participates.

Have a wonderful week!

~ at the homestead ~
smells ~ dinner: grilled chicken breast, mixed greens and white rice
sounds ~ shouts of joy and Madden 06 PS2
doing ~ reading and knitting
plans ~ lessons and reading assignments

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