Friday, February 22, 2008

Its been a great day.

I've had a wonderful day ~ I stayed home and enjoyed myself. I was here to listen to my children read and narrate; to knit and read pattern books; to have a lovely roaring fire ~ after collecting the necessary kindling from the yard ;D; to take a long nap; to sit, knit and talk w/friends at the LYS ~ which was the highlight of my day; and to simply relax and be me. It has truly been a great day.

Progress ~ my sock enabling friend at the LYS made me sit down and overcome my second sock syndrome. That madder #2 was taking way too long though most of my time has not been my own. LOL I've only 8 rounds more then start the heel. Yeah! I'm glad to have friends who care about me and my knitting. It was nice to sit and chat w/them along w/making 2 new friends. I can't wait to visit again soon. Maybe not next friday since the concert is that night but tues would be good ~ its sock nite. ;D

I will begin another sock project once I start the heel on the Madder. These are footies for Da Boy. He took the time to pick his yarn today so I will get started so he doesn't have to wait any longer for his socks ~ which he reminds me constantly that he has been waiting. LOL He choose the Opal in a red, yellow, blue and white colorway I had purchased from a destasher on Ravelry. I was planning to make some socks for me but it looks like there will be two prs of footies instead ~ one for him and one for me. ;D

Tomorrow should be quiet too since I usually relax when I work late nights on sunday. However, we have been invited out for adult company w/dinner and we may go ~ Brisket is on the menu. If we go, I will take mash potatoes, salad and french bread. Hmm...this is making me hungry even though I'm very full from my soup and bread dinner. Yes, its cold and I wanted something that would stick to my ribs and didn't have to make it myself. I know it goes against my simpliest, frugal and all that rules but I had so much fun at the yarn shop, I didn't want to come home and cook too. I started the fire again and Da Boy is at the neighbor's. The girls are giggling loudly in Riley's room and dh just finish watching a music show on PBS ~ he is now snoring. I'm relaxing w/the crackle of the fire behind me, the classical radio station, my knitting, glass of ginger ale, some chocolate and blog reading.

Off to knit those 8 rounds ~ have a great knitty nite. ;D

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ThoughtfulMom said...

Now you have me contemplating learning to knit - and we all know that I haven't enough spare moments for that. If I were knitting I wouldn't have time to read.

I walked through the doors to Mardel at 6:30pm, so we just missed each other. Seems like it turned out well for both of us, though. I was back home (errands done) by 8pm, so I got to read to #2 and put #4 to bed. I was late because I didn't get home from taking #3 to the doctor until 6pm - I went in, served up dinner, and walked back out the door.