Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whadda day!

It has been long and tiring ~ another day at the store, cleaning and moving product for 5hrs. I'll survive but I came home and braided Sk8Chick's hair too. My forearm muscle is throbbing and I still have to finish her hair in the morning. LOL I'll make it and she'll look lovely as well as feel better about going to work.

Today was our monthly CM support group meeting but nobody came. I think most still are dealing with the crud and thats ok. I was able to spend the time finishing off my "ugly" dishcloth and printing out needed info. Dh had a meeting and when he got out we went to Wally World then home. Too tired to go back out so he'll drop off my "ugly" package in the morning. Heehee, I hope my partner likes her ugly cloth ~ it was alot of fun to make. We are to send our cloths to each other by this weekend so we can open them next Sat. I can't wait, she said she sent mine yesterday and that it got a double stamp of officially "ugly" approval. LOL I managed to get the same rating for mine and it will be great fun to find out what she thinks.

I did manage to do one complete round on my Madder sock and will be working on it for another half hour then off to bed for me. I need to get up by 8a to finish off the girl's hair. I hope everyone else has had a productive day. Talk w/you soon.

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ThoughtfulMom said...

I came! I came! But I was late (6:30pm - as usual).

I had a sick kid at home and needed to get the errands done and get back anyway (Mardel, Hobby Lobby, Library, Walgreens), so I did. But I sure did miss chatting with everybody!