Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Spring Knitting

Another challenge from SI2Me ~ Post about your spring knitting plans. Do you have a new project in mind? Joining a new group? Any new goals you wish to share?

I don't have any new goals just the ones I've already implemented that are done quarterly ~ you can read those here. Since spring is during one of my quarters, this is my list of things I'd like to do along with some new things:

~ socks: goal is 1 pr a month ~ totally 3 in the quarter. I've several listed in my Ravelry queue and dh has requested a few more pairs. I may get more done.

~ items for self: goal is 1-2 items a qtr ~ Mirepoix Bodice made in Tahki Classic Cotton (postponed from current qtr) and the Back to School Vest in Cascade Sierra.

~ dishcloths: goal is 2 per month ~ totally 3 in the quarter. I found some really pretty spring ones along w/being involved in 2 KALs.

~ UFOs: goal is to complete 1 per month ~ totally 3 in the quarter and there are only 3 left. Yeah!

~ groups/kals: I join groups weekly on Ravelry so that isn't a goal for me. Though I've got my eye on one or two new KALs but will wait and see since I'm doing stashalong, I don't need any temptations to purchase more yarn. LOL

~ new projects: I do have a few new projects in mind but they are too many to name here. You can checkout my queue at Ravelry (RockstarMom) for more on this. ;D I also joined Sock Wars ~ now thats a challenge. LOL


Robin said...

I also am going to get back to working on Mirepoix - I'm planning to finish both sleeves on my cruise!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Added you to Ravelry. I had no idea what your user name on there was! Found you!