Friday, February 29, 2008

Up late knitting

Yes, I'm up late ~ I just got home about an hour and half ago from a concert. Woohoo! It was totally awesome and you all need to get to one if the tour stops in your area. Oh what tour ~ its Pillar's For the Love of the Game tour. Their new cd is out and its awesome. They are touring with Building 429, Wavolry and a new Sony artist ~ Brooke Barrettsmith. They were all awesome! I screamed, shouted, jumped and sold merch til 11p. ;D I also worked today in the store for 5hrs then straight to the concert. I must admit I'm tired and my knee is hurting~ I turned it while jumping. Hmm...I guess I need to consider working out so that I can be in shape for stuff like this. LOL

Now on to the knitting ~ I'm up working on sock #2 of my emergency socks as well as finishing off the foot of Madder #2. I may stay up for about another 1hr since I'm running on only 5hrs of sleep and I've had to cast on the emergency sock #2 4x and don't feel like messing around tonight. On second thought ~ I think I'm going to bed and get up early and keep a pot of coffee on all day. I need these socks ready for the post this weekend. ;D I'm finishing off the Madders too since they may end of being angel socks or for charity. I really do like this Madder pattern, it is very easy to follow and memorize.

I'm off to get some sleep and do a few rounds on Madder. Have a great one!

*Don't forget to check out the websites above ~ you will enjoy all the music unless you don't like rock! ;) Nite, Nite!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Ok, I'm sitting down now and catching up on your blog Feb - May. Yes, no interruptions, doing it now! LOL

So expect a ton of comments from me (approx. 18, as bloglines say that I have 18 posts to read of yours that I've saved to catch up on!


oh - ps - look out for some mail soon. I've got something going out in the mail today/tomorrow morning for you!