Friday, March 28, 2008

Its the weekend!

Yeah! party time, well not exactly since I'm very tired. ;D I worked today which was my last day on the sales floor ~ woohoo and afterwards I went to the LYS for some RnR w/yarn. It was a very pleasant outing. I purchased the needed yarn for ISE6 along w/some clearance DB Cotton Cashmere for a baby sweater. I'm excited about the scarf ~ the yarn is soft and yummy. I won't be posting much here since I accidentally gave away my identity to my ISE Pal ~ we were to be secret pals ~ oops that ravelry id and email. LOL I decided that I'll post my progress but the details will remain anonymous til I ship it off. I want it to be a secret of what she will be getting. If I do take a picture it will be a black/white since you all know how I love to take progress pics ~ yeah right! but I'll do it anyway.

This weekend will be fun even if I do work in the morning. We have our yarn party tomorrow night and I may get to go back to the LYS on sunday for more RnR then off to work for the floor change. I will officially be on vacation monday ~ it will be a full day of rest with the remainder of the week dedicated to exams and house cleaning. I must get my act together and make plans for my absence of a month in training. Which means meal plans, lesson plans, schedules and deep cleaning ~ more like spring cleaning and purging ~ and I will need to be rested before starting this new job too.

My hand is healing nicely ~ thank you to those who shared kind words. I'm grateful I didn't need stitches and since giving him the allergy medicine ~ Poochie has been much better. Tonight I even gave him one of his fav treats and meals. He absolutely loves cottage cheese but it became abit expense for the budget and we hadn't given him any in awhile. I'm pleased to report he is currently curled up, contently sleeping. ;D

My knitting is picking up ~ dishcloth almost done and I will work on the peds this weekend along w/casting on the ISE6 scarf. Due to my new job, I may have to step down from playing Sock Wars 3 ~ it may be too stressful w/the store opening the day it begins. I don't want to be assassinated before I even begin knitting. LOL We shall see and I'll keep you posted.

I'm really tired now and I'm typing funny ~ lots of windows keep opening while I type. Must be hitting extra keys or something. Nite!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

I didn't realize ISE was a secret exchange. That's too bad that your pal knows who you are. At least she can't see your scarf. (What pattern are you making anyhow?)

When do you have to mail out ISE6?