Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New beginnings ~ Apr 1st

its day 2 of my week off and I've been doing absolutely nothing. Its been a very freeing experience too. I found that I was very sore and my body was in desperate need of rest. I will probably rest most of the week though I had so many plans. I've been going to bed early which has resulted in me relaxing. I'm much happier and I look forward to getting my joy back too.

Today marks Day 1 of my slow quarter. I've set my goal to only spend money for the necessities and nothing more. This will include not purchasing any yarn which has been my downfall of late. I've some $$ that was set aside to purchase needles that I will still purchase for they are needed since they are sizes I don't have and I have a coupon. ;) After this purchase, I will endeavor to spend less and use what I have. I've started cleaning and found some things that I didn't know I even had. LOL So, going without spending should do me a world of good. I'll be using my coupons more so I spent time today clipping, sorting and getting them ready for use. I used a few yesterday for toothbrushes, soap and dish detergent ~ saved $7. I'm revising my meal plans since I'm no longer interested in the ones I have. They are a starting point but since I would like to get my pantry stocked again, I'll need to change things up a bit.

We had a small setback today and our car isn't running. We don't know whats wrong with it yet but it had to be towed home. Our mechanic won't be able to take a look at it til thursday either. Over the weekend dh had mentioned that the car was dragging and wouldn't accelerate and it did it again today. He took it into an auto place and they discovered that the battery was almost dead and thought it might be the issue so dh went to Walmart, which is where the battery was from, and they had to replace the battery along with clamps and another part that was corroded by the battery. However, that didn't fix the problem and the car stopped a block away from wally world. Its a good thing dh added roadside assistance to his cell phone plan, they picked him and towed the vehicle to the house and will come get it when the mechanic is ready. I'm glad I choose to not spend money today, who knows I might have had to take it all back to repair the car. LOL Glad I also started an emergency fund in Feb ~ its not much after purchasing the tires but its better than nothing. I will add more in time since I won't be spending it. ;)
Knitting has been slow and steady since my hand is still not 100%. I finished the garterlac cloth and got it ready for mailing. Progress is being made on the Peds along with plans for ISE6 scarf and a spring kal project. I am hoping to have my quarterly plans together tomorrow for stashalong so I can keep track of them here. I received my last shipment of sock yarn too ~ its all very nice and I can't wait to find a pattern for it. I'll share pics soon. This past weekend, Sk8Chick and I attend the LYS preview party. We had a good time but left early and watched movies ~ Nancy Drew & Mr. Beans Holiday. We received takeout containers which were filled with yarn samples to make a lovely scarf designed by the LYS owner. We also joined the knit-in on sunday before I went to work ~ it was a blast. ;) Well off to get dinner ready. Have a great night!

Day 1 ~ $0 spent

ps ~ you probably noticed that I wrote yesterday's events as today and will do so from this point forward. I'm cutting back my time on the computer too ~ so updating will actually be for the previous day. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your car! I'm almost half way down your scarf and can't wait to get some extra goodies for you. Take care and Happy Knitting from your ISE 6 pal

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Hope it was an easy fix.

Glad you started the Slow Month/Quarter! Can't wait to read to see how it went/goes!

Don't you just love finding items in your home that you didn't realize you even had??