Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 2 ~ Apr 2nd

today has been a quiet day though its been very dreary. The weather here is gloomy but will be good for working inside. I have been working in my bedroom clearing our unwanted stuff and sorting my clothing. I found lots more things I'd forgotten about and have removed the stack of books from beside my bed. There were over 10 books there that just seem to be buried. Now there is space beside the bed and I like it. ;)

Still no news on our car though the mechanic was able to take it earlier than expected. Unfortunately, he still may not get to it til tomorrow morning. It has been towed to the shop and I am hopeful that it will not be too bad and we will get it back by Friday. There is a concert on Friday and we are volunteering. It would be bad if we couldn't make it after planning for it for over a month.

There is not much to report today, just resting and cleaning. I took a long hot bath which I have been wanting for awhile. I fell asleep for about an hour and my neck hurts but I'm happy. I've been reading and listening to books on cd. I finished "Careful Use of Compliments" and I'm enjoying Yarn Harlot's book "Secret Life of a Knitter." This book is hilarious and I've started seeing myself in it which is really scary.

Knitting ~ I've cast on for the Yummy scarf for the 4th time however, I'm at a crossroad since I've ran out of the first yarn before finishing the last row of the pattern. Hmm...not sure what I'm going to do but I have emailed my wonderful LYS owner for suggestions. ;) I'm almost done with the left front of my CPH which is really exciting. I've gotten my drive back to get it done. It will be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

School is going well and I will be giving exams tomorrow. My plan is to have my lessons and outlines done by saturday since I don't have much time left before I'm gone 40hrs a week for a month. I'm glad its only a month ~ couldn't do it regularly at this time. I'm enjoying my freedom too much but if I have too, I'll be ready. Will definitely need to add some exercise to my schedule so I can handle the fatigue that it would bring. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the dc and getting our school back on full schedule ~ miss our tea times and art studies. With spring around the corner, its bird watching and outdoor sketching time. I love this time of the year in this part of the world. It really is beautiful even with the dangers of flooding and tornadoes.

Off to knit, read and go to bed early again tonight. The early nights are paying off. Have a great one!

Day 2 ~ $0 spent ;)

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