Thursday, April 03, 2008

Knitting updates

Here are the posts I have on Stashalong about my 2nd quarter goals, 1st quarter update and my April KAL n KAL. It is easier to copy and paste then to type it all again so I combine both posts below. ;D

~ 2nd Quarter Goals ~
Wow ~ it was just yesterday we all began our stashalong commitments for '08 and now we are into the 4 month of the year already. My first quarter goals were not met as I'd like though I did manage to get some things done. I believe that I will need to change my strategy in order to have any true element of success and the first change must be to make a declaration.

"Sock yarn does count as stash ~ well at least for me!"

There, I've said it and I will hold to that for the remainder of the quarter since my stash growth has been due to skeins upon skeins of sock yarn. Oh they are lovely too but they take up a lot of space if you buy them in bulk. LOL What is a girl to do especially with such lovely colors for the season. Well, this girl will be abstaining and enjoy shopping in her own stash for awhile.

Quick review of first quarter goals:
Make 1 pr socks per month ~ completed 4 pr
Make 2 dishcloths per month ~ completed 3
Complete 1 UFO per month ~ completed 1
Something for Me ~ completed 1 item (Aurora)

Hmm....what happen here ~ not much obviously and I definitely hadn't planned for this especially since I've acquired more yarn than I actually used. So I will have to work from a different posture.

Here are my 2nd quarter goals:
1. complete WIPs
~ Monkey socks
~ ISE6 Scarf
~ Not Peds
2. complete UFOs
~ Baby Blanket
~ Country Cousins blanket
~ Baby Kimono
~ Toddler Sweater
~ Surprise Scarf
3. make 1 pr of socks per month
4. make 1 dishcloth per month

*no yarn purchase unless to complete a WIP or UFO; no free days unless earned thru KALnKALs or completion of WIPs & UFOs ~ really no need for purchase but will be an incentive to be done by June trip to North Carolina. You know, in case there is a lovely yarn shop or two on the way ~ I'll be driving from OK. ;D

Now to choose my April KALnKAL project. I've been having a hard time with this one but I may just use something OTNs ~ now that would help motivate me to get it done, right?! We shall see. Happy Knitting!

~ April KALnKAL ~
Loops Spring '08 Yarn Tasting Kit ~ rec'd at LYS party this weekend. ;)

Pattern: Yummy ~ a spring scarf by Shelley Brander
Needles: US 11 circs (I'm a tight knitter LOL)
Yarn: Leona (soft coral), Silken Straw (gold), Flotsam (orange/salmon), Pomaire (mauve), Prima (bright pink), and Jeannee (medium pink)

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Rima said...

Ohhhh...I have the colors of the kit. They are calling my name!