Monday, May 26, 2008

~ Happy Memorial Day ~

Its been very busy for me lately hence the neglected blog. I've not been reading, blogging or knitting much. I've managed to complete 2 of my pressing projects this weekend which I'm very excited about ~ SWiii socks & my ISE6. I will be visiting the PO tomorrow to get them on their way along w/some other goodies that need to be sent out. My new work schedule along w/the rising cost of gas will now be the main reasons I will be limiting my swapping especially since getting to the PO is more difficult to arrange even for the 24/7 machine. LOL I've only one more swap package to send actually and that is to be sent in July then I'm done. I will only be an angel and swap stickers which I can send from my house as long as I have stamps on hand ~ now where did I put that book of stamps. heehee I love swapping but my life is a bit too complicated for them now. I'll just participate in kals and groups and watch others swap. ;) I know I'll miss the fun but to be fair and not disappoint anyone, I'll sit out for a season.

On the home front ~ I'm working on my flylady tasks on mon & tues when I'm home though I've been doing the zone from the week before, much easier for me. Its coming along and I'm pleased to say I'm finding things that have been missing for a while. My new pt has been awesome and stressful at the same time. I spend most of my week at the store, but its temporary ~ we are in the process of hiring more staff, and there is much to do and learn. I spend my sundays sleeping in or knitting at the lys before going to work and mon & tues hanging out w/the kiddos doing school, playing games and cleaning. We'd like to move in the next 6mos so its best to get started on downsizing. I've enjoyed the process this time round, I guess b/c I know exactly what I want and where I'm going unlike in the past.

School is coming along and I've lots of ideas and plans running thru my head. I want to do more, see more and read more so that will be my focus when I return from my conference. I'll be going to a CM conference in 2 wks to learn more, be recharged and spend time reflecting/resting and enjoying the company of some online friends. When I get back we will start our summer program which will actually be a 6wk school plan w/2wks off before starting again. This will help w/planning and keeping me from getting bored or sidetracked. They have improved a lot in the last few weeks though I'm finding that they need more of my attention than I gave them but glad I'm able to do so now.

I've not been reading much lately either ~ though I'm leading/helping w/3 book studies at the moment. Besides these, I've not read anything not even my email. I've over 300 emails to read and respond to but I've not had the energy to do them. I've done the moderator ones, those I must do but I'll get to my own personal emails soon. Btw, this means if you've emailed me in the last 8 days, I've not read it and will soon. ;)

On the knitting front ~ I've already mentioned that I finished the Sock Wars socks and my scarf for my ISE6 pal. I've only 3 other projects OTN ~ my CPH, my friends Peds and a snuggle scarf ~ a gift. I've not been motivated to start anything else nor have I've had the time. I did manage to use my 2 free days from SAL and I purchased some clearance cotton on one of them ~ lovely bright colors. I'm not sure what I used my other purchase on ~ I've packed up alot of my yarn but it was probably sock yarn. LOL

Today, I spent time cleaning a hot spot in my room then we went shopping. I picked up some items for an angel package I'll send tomorrow and then to Wally World for yummies. We had a mini-bbq at house just for us. It was fun and we are full. The kiddos and I watched "Juno" afterwards, I actually didn't watch the whole thing but its was funny what I did watch. Not fond of the explicit language but I think it might have been a good film ~ the verdict is still out for me. All in all its been a wonderfully peaceful day and I did take time to be silent today though it wasn't at 3p. I hope you all had time w/your family and memories of those who have gone before us. I think thats why it was very peaceful around here too.

I'm going now, need to go to bed ~ busy day tomorrow. Have a great week!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh dear, this is how far behind I am. May 26th post! (Mack was born 2 weeks after this - so I got backed up!)

Juno was FANTASTIC. You must sit down and watch the whole movie!