Sunday, August 03, 2008

~ Cloth goodness ~

This post has lots of cloths to show off since thats what I've been doing while keeping cool. We leave Wed for the conference and I'm looking forward to some RnR in an air conditioned place. It reach about 115 w/the heat index yesterday and let me tell you it was hot hot hot even in the cool a/c'd mall which was crowded due to tax free day. LOL I'll update more when I'm feeling better ~ enjoy!

L2KDC Summer Swap ~ its lovely and she sent stitchmarkers too. Since I only sent a cloth and some hand cream ~ I sent a lovely thank you today. I hope my pal likes it ~ it was that lovely crocheted flower I made when the swap began and then I realized it was suppose to be knitted. Heehee ~ it worked out.
9 Baby/Child size washcloths
Oh ~ here is the ISE6 scarf, you know Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf I did:
Talk w/you all soon.

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Secret Pal said...

Oooo - your One row scarf is beautiful! What yarn did you use? Or should I check on Ravelry?