Monday, March 02, 2009

Miss me?!

Yeah I know, I could post more via my blackberry but I am too sore for that. I've been not well for over a week and today it was really bad. What I thought was simply allergy issues now has turned into a mini-cold. I say mini cause I don't have full symptoms but the fatigue is awful. The weather here has made this week impossible and caused most of the symptoms and I just found out that we are going from being really cold to being hot again in two days. Lord help me. I'll get some rest and try not to think about it.

On the knitting front ~ I'm making progress on my CPH and focusing on doing several rows a night so that I can get it done. I've started a pair of toddler socks but had to rip them cause the pattern didn't work out. I'll re-start them by the weekend. I plan to make some dishcloths and washcloths for my co-workers but haven't been motivated, so hopefully this weekend I'll get some of them done since I will not be working. Looking forward to a little R&R in Missouri.

Well, I'm going now, talk w/you again soon. Have an awesome week!

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Jane said...

Feel better soon Dawn!