Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Relaxing, traveling and stuff

Hello everyone,
life around here has been moving along rather nicely. I've been doing alot of nothing and enjoying every single minute of it. Knitting has been on hold for the most part but I do have alot of things I'd love to make. :) My CPH is the only thing left to finish on my SAL goals but haven't been motivated since having to rip out the rightside and start again. LOL

I've been on some mini-vacations in the past few weeks. I've made 2 trips to Missouri and am planning another in the next few weeks. My Vegas trip turned out to be a bust ~ they claimed some technicality that is bogus but I'm not mad. I'll upload pics from my trip in the next few days.

I've also been spending more time offline because its been consuming all my free time and making me very tired. I'm not sure how I'm going to balance it but I plan to do so cause updates are necessary. ;)

School is starting to get back on track. I've ordered the graduation stuff, planned our trip to NC and am working on the actual trip details. I will not be able to stay in VA for as long as I've originally planned but I do plan to go to the beach ~ yeah!

I've been in a few swaps, 3 to be exact and I'm feeling good about that. I've actually been working on my groups and doing KALs instead. We've a new one getting ready to start and I'd better get my materials together or else I'll be left behind.

Well gotta got to bed now ~ more in another few days. Have an awesome week!

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